"We have used Cormorant extensively for video shoots and editing, primarily for client testimonials for our website. We have been very happy with the results and the relationship. Chris Mock is dedicated, skilled and trustworthy. I would be happy to recommend their services" -Scott Phillips, Starfish Medical

The Whole Shebang!

At Cormorant Pictures our mission is to turn your content, vision, or idea into a beautiful video or media piece that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We will handle all aspects of your video project, from development to final cut, and deliver what you want, on time and on budget. Easy peasy.

Video Production services ala carte?

Maybe you have a project underway but need a little assistance in one area or another. We can provide any of our services including creative development, cinematography, sound recording, web compression, DVD authoring, media duplication, editing and other aspects of digital post-production on a pay-as-you-go daily rate basis. Not sure what you need? Call us, we’d love to help!


This is a principle of our company. Location sound is often the first thing that gets overlooked in all kinds of video production. But as any experienced producer will tell you, if the sound is bad, no one will care how nice the image looks. We shoot exclusively in High Definition formats regardless of whether your video will end up as tiny web video or on broadcast television. This means that the image is as crisp and clean as it could possibly be, every time.

On Location

We provide film industry level production standards in each department. Pro audio recording, pro level cinematography, lighting, grip work, equipment, quality control and conduct. This means you might feel like you hired a real film crew…that’s because you did! It also means that when the job calls for it, we can do the best job with the fewest crew and the most subtle equipment. Each of our location crew has film industry professional experience and that means you get incredible talent, professionalism and value for money.

In the Studio

Narration, music, sound effects and audio pickups all sound better when they are recorded in the controlled environment of a studio. By using versatile high-end equipment we can offer far better rates than a commercial studio for basic in-studio services and can also call upon the services of a full studio when the project requires.

Audio Post Production

The final sound mix can make or break a project. Music, effects and dialogue all need to be just right to get that clear level of professionalism that you want in your video.

Video Editing and Post Production

We utilize the latest versions of Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS Production and a host of other post production programs to keep all our projects on a level with the latest and best in TV, film and web production.

Green Screen Color Correction and Special Effects

We also specialize in green screen and special effect services including stop-motion animation.


Sometimes a client knows exactly what they want and how to get it and then they call us. But sometimes a concept or idea might need a little development before its ready to get made. We will often work with our clients to write a script and create a production schedule before production even begins.

Web Encoding and Posting

When posting videos online there are many things to consider. Who is my audience and how will they see my video? High bandwidth or low bandwidth? Vimeo, YouTube, Vidley, Cloud, Streaming, Flash, Download, Mobile and so on and so forth?  We make posting to the webisphere a no hassle process by discussing with you where you want  your product to be seen and by whom, outlining the merits and weaknesses of the different options and then getting it there. Cut and dried.

Thinking Ahead

At Cormorant Pictures we recognize that the technology and craft of video and web is always advancing. We are committed to staying in touch with cutting edge of trends, technologies and market expectations. If you have a project that you believe requires more or different techniques or technologies than you see represented here, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it; chances are we’re playing with it already.