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Shoot 4K in Victoria! Cormorant Pictures is now shooting on RED

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We are now ready to roll 4k footage on your next project with the Scarlet X from Red.

Last week Chris got together with some colleagues and went on over to Cinevic in Oak Bay to get certified on the newly available Scarlet X light-weight package also known as Pdn’s Video Camera of the year.
For those new to the magic of 4K, it is essentially an image with approximately 4 times the size and information as HD. Now you might wonder why that is important, especially when so many of the films we produce are for the web or mobile delivery. Well, no one here is saying that there is anything wrong with HD and the wide variety of awesome HD capable CMOS cameras we already shoot with, but it is important simply because the truth about 4K as shot on the Red platform is that once you or your customers or clients have seen it…. you and they wont want to look at anything else.

In addition to the the size of the 4K image (see aspect comparison graph to the left of this post or at the bottom)  it offers many other great advantages in terms of image control that both the camera operator and editor can utilize at any stage in the production workflow. This means a quantum leap forward in the flexibility that we have in manipulating images at full resolution. Gone are the days of image noise and tacky filters when you shoot 4K you know that no matter what we do to the footage after wards it will always look crisp and clean.

The Scarlet can also be used for stunning 5K still images and this means when you hire us with this package you get better than raw still photography and video all at one daily rate.

And with our brand new CS 6.5 post production suit and our range of new shoulder mounted and track based stabilization systems we have ensured that we are ready to fully handle the creative power of 4K acquisition in 2013. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about having your next video project shot on RED.

We hope to have some Scarlet footage up soon so keep checking in.

A big thanks to Brian and the team at Cinevic for bringing the camera into the victoria rental market, and for all the great work they do supporting local film and filmamkers.

To learn more about 4K and the Scarlet check out this article

Click on the image below to learn more about 4k, HD and cinema formats.

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Checkout our work in upcoming local tourism TV Show “COWICHAN” from DV Cuisine

New Work

We recently teamed up with Nick Versteeg of DV Cuisine to shoot some beautiful footage on location at Merridale Creek Ciderworks and Avril Creek Winery. The footage that our crew was able to shoot over the past weeks is just gorgeous with fruits in vibrant fall colours, local folks at work in the fields and atmospheric forest scenes. It will be featured as part of DV Cuisine’s new show “COWICHANa journey of art, food and culture profiling the beautiful Cowichan Valley, its people and of course some of its best local food and drink producers. We were so glad we could be a part of this terrific project and we encourage you to find our more at DV Cuisine‘s site and keep checking back for more news on this and other exciting local projects.

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MARKiTECTURE site features work by Cormorant Pictures


Our friends and clients at Designcorp International have just launched the new site for their branding company MARKiTECTURE. Two of the videos featured on the site include artist profiles of  Vancouver Island artists Joe Wilson and Doug Lafortune produced by Electric Train Productions in partnership with Cormorant Pictures. You can check out the videos on our Vimeo channel “Uptown” or by clicking on the images below.


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Neovasc Company Video Series

New Work

We Are very pleased to announce the completion of a series of videos for the new Neovasc website. Neovasc is a premier developer of innovative vascular devices and related tissue products based in Vanocuver, BC. They have been enjoying  success in their sector but wanted to communicate to an audience beyond the medical device community.  It was imperative that their new website quickly and effectively convey what they do, why their products are different and why they are an excellent investment opportunity. Thats where our videos come in.

These videos were created in conjunction with Amanda Cooper PR, Dean Kalyan Photography and are an excellent example of the simple, clear and effective communication power that Cormorant Pictures video products provide. Please check out the videos on our portfolio page

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New Documentary-The Unity Wall

New Work

We are very pleased to announce that we have just released our latest project, Na’Tsa’Mant -The Unity Wall. This is a short form documentary about the amazing and beautiful “Unity Wall” Mural project at Ogden Point in Victoria BC.

Designed by local First Nations artists and painted by local youth from many backgrounds this project is raising awareness of the local first nations and their history in the area. Among the longest murals in Canada it also features the first public visual representation of the traditional language of the Songhees and Esquimalt people.

This film is a sequel to our earlier film Land and Sea that covers the first year of the project.

Please check out both films on our portfolio and learn more by visiting the project website.




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Our New Site!

New Work

We are so excited to be launching our new website! We’ve been working hard to finish it, and the day has finally come. Enjoy!

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